5 Easy Habits to Pick up That Will Make You More Productive

How do you incorporate being active into your daily routine? If you are working 9-5 at a desk, chances are the only exercise you are getting is to the coffee machine and back. It’s hard to make it to the gym after a long day of work, so here are five easy habits to pick up that will make being productive easier:

  1. Write it down

Buy a nice journal and start writing things down! From your yoga class to your family dinner and date nights – writing these events down will make you feel like they are important enough to actually attend.

  1. Commit

Committing to your yoga class by booking it online beforehand will reassure you go to that class, so you can avoid the fee of not showing up. Most studios offer clients to book their classes the week before, so sign up for a few classes a week in order to make sure you get your weekly exercises in.

  1. Plan your day/week

Take a few minutes every Sunday to plan your week and go over everything you need to get done that week. From writing your plans down in your planner, making a to-do list for work or a grocery list – planning gives life structure and will allow you to accomplish everything and still give you time to rest. You can even plan when you will take a nap!

  1. Finish the little tasks first

After looking at your to-do list you made on Sunday night, decide which tasks are easy and quick to do. Finish those tasks first, and get it out of the way. That way, you will have the rest of the week to focus on the bigger tasks or errands that might require more time and attention.

  1. Don’t stress

Remember that life’s about having fun, so even if you miss a workout class or dinner date, you’ll have the next week to make up for it. Being productive also means knowing when to take a break and focus on yourself.

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